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Activities and achievements as an urban landscape researcher and public art researcher

Major lectures, lecturers, and coordinators

Ministry of International Trade and Industry/Technopark Concept ('83), Kajima Construction ('87), Kamakura Gallery ('88), Nasu Town Sculpture Symposium ('88), Nihon Keizai Publishing ('88), Japan Architectural Artists and Craftsmen Association/Architects Club ('94), Ministry of Education/Practical Instructor Course for Primary and Secondary Schools in 1994 ('94) ('96), Ginza Pocket Park ('95), Aichi Arts Center ('96), Urasoe Art Museum, Okinawa Prefecture ('96), Keynote speech at the symposium commemorating the "Festival of Outdoor Sculpture" sponsored by Nihon Keizai Shimbun ('96), Tokyo Gas/TSS Shinjuku Showroom ('97), "Landscape Changes Architecture," Architecture Phase Research Group ('97), Urban Renaissance Agency/K Station Art Coordination (2005), Leisure and Recreation Society (2009)

■ University professor and lecturer experience

Visiting professor and part-time lecturer at Aomori University Faculty of Sociology, Faculty of Management, and Graduate School ('94-2000) Part-time lecturer at Nagasaki University (2002-2008) Part-time lecturer at Jissen Women's University (2003, 2005-2008) Part-time lecturer at Kanazawa College of Art, Musashino Art University, Tokyo University of the Arts, TSS, and many other places

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