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Main publications

His publications include "Environmental Sculpture in 50 American Cities", "Environmental Sculpture in 50 European Cities" (Seibundo Shinkosha), "Environmental Art of Water", "Environmental Art of Barcelona" (Kashiwa Shobo), "Public Art City" (Sumai no Toshokan Shuppankyoku), "Cities and Sculpture", "The Future of Urban Landscape and Design", "Regeneration of Waterside Cities in the UK" (2010), and "A Journey through Contemporary Asian Cities" (February 2013) (Kajima Institute Publishing).

"World Urban Environmental Sculpture: American Volume" and "World Urban Environmental Sculpture: European Volume" (China Architecture and Industry Press), "Environmental Art of Water" and "Environmental Art of Barcelona" (Dalian University of Technology Press) are published in Chinese, and "The Future of Urban Landscape and Design" is also available in a Korean version translated by Lim Zhongye.

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