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Shoichiro Higuchi

A world of bursting colors and a glimpse into the shining city

Art Works & Research on Public Art

スプリング / Spring
遊動都市 迷宮 / Liquid City Labyrinth
見ることの構造 / Construction of Seeing
偏心 / Eccentricity
彫刻遊具るんるんチューブ Sculptural Play Equipme
20世紀文明の化石 / The Fossil of the 20th
遊動都市 / Liquid City
Tornado Bubble Tower / トルネード型バブルの塔
Air Conditioning
作品 / Work
遊動都市 / Liquid City



Shoichiro Higuchi

Artist, urban landscape researcher, public art researcher

Born in Hokkaido in 1944.

Graduated from the Sculpture Department of Tokyo University of the Arts in 1968.

From 1968 to 1970, he was a research student at the Otani Laboratory in the Department of Urban Engineering at the University of Tokyo.

May 1969: Won the Grand Prize at the 9th Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibition.

In 1970, he moved to the United States and worked at David Spector Architect's Office (NYC).

Since 1982, alongside his creative work, he has been interested in public art and public design in Europe and the United States, and in recent years has also traveled to Asia and elsewhere, where he photographs and collects information on a wide range of the latest urban trends, including architecture, bridges, landscapes, and street furniture, and introduces this information in his books, newspapers, magazines, and public relations publications.

Shoichiro HIGUCHI

Contemporary Art Sculptor & Painter, Expert in worldwide Civil Landscape & Public Art Research. Born in 1944 in Hokkaido, Japan.
Graduated from the Sculpture course at Tokyo University of the Arts in 1968, and completed his BFA. Studied at the Department of Urban Engineering, University of Tokyo from 1968-70. Awarded the first prize at the 9th Contemporary Art Exhibition of Japan in 1969. Worked for David Spector Architects, New York in 1970. Since 1982, HIGUCHI has been traveling worldwide to watch public arts and the latest architectures while creating a variety of fine art works. At the same time, HIGUCHI is writing many articles for newspapers, magazines, periodicals and also publishing a large number of books.



Shoichiro Higuchi "Eccentricity" 2014


Work introduction video

"Shoichiro Higuchi Exhibition -Creating the Earth- Shiko Gallery"

PUBLIC ART Oedo Line 14 Kiyosumi Shirakawa Station 2010/02/28

"Kawasaki Art: Shoichiro Higuchi and Seisuke Igawa Exhibition" 2016/07/25

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